3 Signs That Your Roof May Already Need Maintenance

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No other part of your home would be as important as your roof. While the inside sections like the bedroom, the kitchen, and the loo are crucial for your everyday activities, the roof is the one protecting you from the outside weather.

Yes, you have the base foundations and walls to keep everything intact—but without the roof, you and your personal belongings are vulnerable to the unpredictable climate! Given that, the best thing to do would be to clean and maintain it from time to time. You do not have to necessarily do it on a weekly basis—every two to three months would suffice.

However, there may even come a time when you notice that something is wrong. As with all things, roofs tend to fade and crumble over time. If that were to happen, you’d need to do proper repairs and maintenance in order to avoid any further damage.

“What are the signs that something is wrong with my roof?”

There are many helpful indicators that would tell you about your roof’s current condition. While some of them are subtle, the other signs are definitely straightforward, causing noticeable inconveniences within your home as long as they persist. Just to name a few, here are the major examples:

Sudden Leaks in Your Roof

Check your roof after a rainstorm. If it’s all well and dry, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if there are mysterious droplets and wet floors, then consider checking for holes!

Trace where the leaks are coming from. A simple dab of epoxy would do the trick, especially if there are only a handful of holes. If worse comes to worst, then you may have more than a dozen roof leaks in your hand. If that’s the case, then you should contact a well-trusted roofing specialist to replace what needs to be replaced!

Stains on Your Interior Ceilings

If you do not have an attic, the chances are that the only thing directly separating you from your roof is your ceiling.

Take a close look at your ceilings. If there are strange discolourations and stains, the chances are that the water and moisture are already seeping through.

As with the very first sign, trace your roof for any holes. Due to the ever-changing weather, your roof may have surpassed its usefulness, rusting or corroding after many years of use. Depending on the damage, you may either opt for a simple fix or a massive replacement.

A Huge Spike in Your Electricity Bill

If your energy bill seems higher than last month, consider checking the overall temperature of your home. If the air conditioner takes a longer time to cool things down, the chances are that the integrity of your roof may have been compromised! The cool air may be escaping through a random hole, causing the A/C unit to work harder than it normally would in order to compensate for the lost air.


Roofing maintenance isn’t really an easy thing to do all by yourself. While you may be able to tend to the smaller holes or creases, the bigger issues should be left to the experts. Take note of the smaller details, look out for the obvious signs of roof damage, and immediately give your roofing specialists a call so they may check on it early on.

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