7 Common Reasons for Leaks in Commercial Buildings

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Much goes into maintaining a building’s façade. People do not think about it often, but their impression of an organisation starts when they see its physical premises. If a structure looks like it is in disrepair, the business or institution occupying it doesn’t seem very careful.

So, it’s crucial to quickly repair broken windows, roof leaks, and other issues with commercial buildings. Here are some of the most common reasons for leaks in buildings.

The Window Seals Are Leaking

Water leaks through poorly fitted or maintained window seals. These seals often become lose and drop—you’ve probably seen these dangling bits of rubber at some point, on some building.

The Western Australian sun can be especially harsh on window seals and cause them to become brittle. Also, birds could peck out dangling bits of window seals—it looks like food to them. To address this issue, you need to cut out the old seals and re-seal the window with high-quality silicone.

The Roof Allows Water to Pool

Some roofs are poorly designed—they allow the rain to pool, damaging the membrane in time. The design might also fill up significantly to flow under the roof sheeting. Sometimes, the drainage system might also not be dispersing the water properly.

The Roof Membrane is Damaged

The roof membrane is there to prevent water from entering the building interiors. The roofing membrane could split and crack, which gives way to the water and exposes the roof underneath. This situation crops up when the roofing membrane ages—maintenance and routine checks are vital for preventing leaks.

The Drainage Is Clogged

Another reason for building leaks is clogged drainage. Downpipes, gutters, and drains can fill up with twigs, leaves, and rubbish. Check your drainage regularly, especially before winter. Doing so allows water to flow correctly.

There Are Gaps in the Panelling or Parapet Capping

Leaks can also occur because of gaps in the façade panelling. This type of issue is one of the most complicated to fix since it takes time to investigate them. Gaps in the parapet capping is another tricky issue. If the rain drives in a specific direction, it can get under weak parapet capping, travel down the cavity, and pool at the weakest location.

Fortunately, these issues are reversible; hiring a commercial roof plumber will help. They can mitigate the damage and give you tips on preventing similar concerns from cropping up in the future.

The Parapet Flashing Is Damaged

Builders install flashing to protect the roof membrane cover’s edges. When the flashing becomes loose because of the wind or storms, it could allow water to seep into the roof sheeting, which causes it to enter the building.

There Are Punctures in the Roof

Roof penetrations could also cause leaks. These items include pipes, air condition units, drains, and the like, which could puncture the roof membrane. All roof penetrations are prone to leaks and must be adequately secured with silicone to ensure that the roofing system is protected from water damage. Your roofing plumber should also check the silicone seals regularly.


Roof leaks make a building look neglected. If you want to make a good impression, you need to be diligent in your upkeep. Hiring a contractor for roof maintenance is an excellent way of keeping your building façade in top shape.

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