Rusted Gutter: Can a Repair Fix It or Do You Need a Replacement?

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Your gutters may be often overlooked. In fact, it’s so overlooked that sometimes, they only get the attention they deserve when they’re spewing problems already. One of the common issues is rust, which is caused by the weather. The build-up of rust on the gutters can be detrimental to your overall property. On the other hand, if you keep the gutters well-maintained, they can last for a long time.

Rust and Your Gutters

Certain metals, such as iron or steel, can interact with water that can result in rust. When this happens, the rust can eat away at metals and cause holes in the gutter. Moreover, it can also affect the appearance of your property.

Rust occurs when oxygen, water and several types of metal interact, specifically steel and iron. It can eat away at metals, which can cause holes that will reduce the stability of the structure. With that, modern building materials are being treated with anti-rust paints. Aluminium has also shown to last longer than older metal compounds.

A rusted gutter system can compromise its functionality, and in most cases, a gutter replacement may be necessary. It will prevent the gutters from getting stormwater away from the house’s foundation when there’s rust.

That’s why homeowners must be aware of how to treat and maintain homes with gutters, especially traditional homes that don’t use galvanized steel for their gutter.

How to Spot Rust

Rust can develop gradually—it creeps up on you—which is why you need to know how to spot it immediately. Aside from checking the exterior of the gutters, you also need to check what’s inside as well.

The rust outside the gutters is easy to find, the challenging part is the interior. Rust is the reddish-brownish colour that stands out on clean metal. Doing a few random spots will be okay as long as you these checks regularly, especially during the rainy seasons.

Rusted Gutter Repair

When you notice rust in your gutter system, it doesn’t automatically mean you should replace it immediately. In fact, minor rust damage can be repaired easily, and all you need to do is scrub it with a wire brush. After scrubbing it, wait for it to dry and treat it with a metal primer that can prevent rust.

The primer will protect the metal against moisture and rainwater. In addition to this, make sure to keep your gutters clean with regular cleanings to protect them from harmful elements.

Another thing you should do is to avoid mixing metals. When two different metals are joined, rust can develop in the form of galvanic corrosion. Thus can have a serious consequence because it can quicken the process of corrosion for one of the metals. You can prevent this by avoiding mixing metals and stick to one type of metal alone.

Rust Problem? No Worries!

If you have a rusted gutter system, have it checked by a professional immediately. This is the only way to help you maintain it and prevent any further damages that can cost you a lot of money.

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