5 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Gutter Cleaning

gutter repairs and maintenance

The gutter is an essential part of the house, collecting rainwater off the roof and streaming it away. However, along with water, channels can get congested with debris and leaves. This can cause all sorts of issues for your home, from property damage to growing mould. It can be a little more expensive to do reparation when all the harm is done.

Even though you only need to do maintenance two times a year, most homeowners in Australia tend to procrastinate in conducting gutter cleaning. Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. Water Damage

During a stormy night with heavy rain, the gutter roof is prone to clogging. There are occasions when the water can’t go through the pipes smoothly if the gutter isn’t cleaned regularly. Trapped water can drip through the ducts and leak out. This liquid can go into the roofs and walls.

The longer you take to do gutter cleaning, the more damage your home can take. Too much water can accumulate and create cracks and crevices, making your home’s structural integrity unstable. If you notice your drywall has a hairline crack, a dirty gutter that’s seeping out water is the likely cause for it.

  1. Not Covered By Insurance

When you see the property damage caused by a gutter, you may think to file an insurance claim. It is true that home insurance usually covers any costs related to property damage. You can’t forget that the majority of policies do not cover damage caused by negligence, though.

Most insurance companies may interpret that irregular maintenance is the homeowner’s fault more than anything else. It would be wiser to avoid a situation where you would not have any financial protection against a notable amount of fees.

  1. Mould Growth

With leaking water and an ever-changing temperature, the materials in your home can be very damp. Such an environment would make it easy for mould to grow in the gutters, walls and roofs. Mould inspection and removal can also create additional expenses, so take care of that problem early. 

  1. Health Issues

In conjunction with mould growth, your health and the well-being of the occupants can be prone to health issues. The mould can cause an unpleasant odour and allergies. Experiencing breathing problems in your own home can be irksome. Prevent that by targeting the root cause and cleaning the gutter once in a while. 

  1. Pests

With debris, trapped water and mould in your gutter. It couldn’t get any worse, right?

Actually, your congested gutter can attract many critters to your roof. Some could be harmless, but rats and insects can cause a headache. They can crawl into the loft, terrace and get inside the rooms with ease. If your home gets infected with them, it can be too late to clean the gutter, and you’ll be forced to make a replacement.


You can’t overlook your roof gutters when you talk about maintaining your home. It’s possible to take an afternoon off and clean it, but it can be an exhausting task. There are many expert roofers who can bring over some top-grade equipment to wash your gutters and make them look brand-new; you just have to look for a trusted roofer to handle your gutter concerns.

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