A Roof Plumbers Expert Tips to Basic Gutter Maintenance

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Maintaining a home is a lot of work. The time and effort that goes into maintenance is, however, necessary to protecting your asset over the long-term.

One of the natural elements that can cause an incredible amount of damage to a home is water. Although your roof comes into contact with water and is exposed to the elements on a regular basis, there are times when it can be overwhelmed. The same is true of your gutters and downpipes. This is why taking the time to properly maintain these parts of your roof is a must.

In the event that your drains and gutters get blocked, a number of things can happen. Water will not be able to successfully flow through the drains, causing decay and erosion, allowing the leakage of water onto your roof, and attracting mould. The maintenance of gutters and downpipes should be done to extend the life of your roofing and prevent any mould and mildew issues from taking root inside your home.

A Roof Plumber’s Expert Tips to Maintaining Your Gutters

1 – Clean Them Regularly

Every homeowner should be regularly checking their outside gutters and pipes. By doing so, you will be able to get any obstructions out before they cause any harm to your roof or any other parts of your home. Cleaning them also means that there will be fewer chances of obstructions happening, meaning your gutters and downpipes will stay functional for longer. Expert roof plumbers advise cleaning out your gutters and all pipes connected to them at least once a year.

2 – Check For Damage

A visual check for damage to your gutters and down drains will typically help you spot any major signs of damage. Patching up and cracks or weak spots will prevent the damage from getting worse, especially during times of heavy rainfall. Finding and fixing damaged gutters will ensure that you will not end up with total gutter failure in the future.

3 – Have Them Repainted

Having your gutters and pipes repainted will not only add to the aesthetics of your home’s exterior but will also help prevent rust and decay from forming in the area. Paint adds an extra coating of protection for your roof and will shield it against rust-causing elements. There are many paints to choose from, you should take time to pick the right one to repaint your gutters and drains.

4 – Call a Roof Plumber

If you feel that the task is too much for you to handle, it may be time to call a roof plumber. These specialists will help you get to the bottom of what is causing the problem with your gutter or downpipe and they will be able to repair it for you. They will also be happy to provide expert advice as to how to properly maintain your roof and gutters so that the same problem does not happen again in the future.


Homeowners should have some basic inspection and maintenance skills, but the technicalities should be left to the experts. There are some problems that the amateur eye simply cannot spot. To keep your home safe and secure, don’t wait too long before calling a roof plumber to come to your aid for any gutter and downpipe problems. In many cases, the problem will exacerbate if you are not able to repair it right away.

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