How You Can Genuinely Tell That Your Roof Needs TLC

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Everything in a house requires attention at varying stages. This includes your roofing. However, roof repairs in Perth as well as restoration cost a lot of resources. That leads to many homeowners deciding to take their roof for granted, up until they end up overlooking it entirely.

Your roof does a lot to keep you and your family safe. This means that it deserves at least some tender loving care.

What are ways to tell when a roof is in genuine need of some TLC?

There are broken or missing tiles on your roof

Have you ever glanced up to see that your rooftop has broken or missing tiles from it? Have you looked to your backyard and noticed pieces of broken roofing tile? This should neither be overlooked nor ignored. Chances are, there’s a bigger problem at some other point on your roof. There’s a crucial issue somewhere else that needs immediate attention. A typical root cause of this happening is actually the weather.

It should be said that a single missing roof tile should not set off major alarm bells, though it also needs to be resolved quickly. That can lead to a higher risk of damage and leaks to the overall roof. Water might end up seeping through the tiles, which will make more roof tiles corrode in a faster amount of time.

Tiles have to be repaired or replaced immediately. Should there be more roof tiles balding, however, a roofing service is in order.

There are water leaks in the flashings of your roof

A lot of roof repair in Perth involves the roof having flashing leaks. In a nutshell, a roof system needs flashing so that it can allow water to drain moving away from the home. When rain starts to come down, the flashing will also be able to help the roof with being able to remove water.

It is incredibly important for your roof to have tight, proper flashings. From your chimneys going to your vents, all the way to the skylights, there should be absolutely no damage to the flashings. A good rule of thumb is to look around your facia or your soffits for possible signs of water damage.

When there is damage in or around those areas that are blatantly visible, that means you’re looking at a clear sign of roof damage or gutter apron. When flashing is faulty, water will end up pooling. That will lead to water damage in a significant way. Ensure that the moment something seems to be wrong with the flashings on your roof, call for a licensed roofer.

Whether or not there seems to be something wrong, however, it’s key to get your roof checked at least twice a year.

There are mould and moss problems in your roof

The presence of mould and moss in your roof can harm the entire structure. Moss can penetrate tiles, grow in between them and even accumulate dirt. Meanwhile, mould is more than a health hazard; it’s a safety risk as it can weaken wood parts and the drywall. If you notice these two on your roof, you might be tempted to scrub them away on your own. However, addressing mould and moss problems, especially in your roof, are best left to the experts.


Your roof is easily one of the most important parts of your home. However, it also tends to be the most overlooked or taken for granted. If there are signs such as missing tiles or water leaks in the flashings, it’s time to give your roof some TLC.

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