Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Replace Your Gutter

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As a homeowner, we’re well aware of some home issues that need fixing right away, and we know which problems don’t necessarily require immediate action. For the latter, you can put them off until the most convenient time and have it repaired right away. But for some cases, immediate action is needed before it turns into a nightmarish problem.

A gutter system issue is one of the problems that you shouldn’t take lightly. Gutters are designed to protect the integrity of your home, which includes your landscape, foundation, and both the interior and exterior of your house.

A broken gutter has so many causes, some of which could be due to age, environmental factors, critters, and more. Although you can try to replace your damaged gutters yourself, it’s always a much better and cost-efficient idea to call an expert roof plumber in Perth. This way, they’ll make a thorough inspection and fix or replace your gutter—all while practising the right techniques and using professional equipment.

If you’re worried about the state of your gutters, doing a quick inspection can do the trick. Here are some signs that tell you it’s time to call your roof plumber and have your gutter replaced:

Sign #1: You See Alarming Cracks and Leaks

When you’re walking around the exterior of your home, it’s a good idea to look up and inspect your gutters for holes and cracks. These signs of damage can ultimately lead to leaks with varying levels of severity.

Although one can repair leaks easily, larger cracks can’t usually be repaired the same way. Not to mention, these cracks could get worse over time, especially with unpredictable weather changes. In that case, deal with your big cracks right away and replace your gutters.

Sign #2: Discoloured, Peeling, and Rotting Underneath the Gutters

When you’re inspecting your gutter, look beneath them to check if it’s experiencing any peeling, rotting, or discolouration. If you find any of these signs on the fascia board or anywhere underneath your gutters, ring the alarm—you may need to replace your gutters.

Sign #3: Visible Sagging and Pulling

While you’re inspecting your home, you might notice signs when you’re up close. Try walking back from your home up to a safe distance where you’ll easily see your full gutter line. When you scan your gutter and find areas that are sagging or have been pulled away from the edge of the roof, get close and inspect the area.

When you notice that your gutter is sagging or pulling away in multiple areas, it’s time for you to have your gutters replaced before they completely fall off.

Sign #4: There Are Connection Issues in Your Gutter and Downpipe

When your gutter and downpipe weren’t installed properly, they may end up off-kilter, which could lead to a bunch of issues. These damages can cause system failures, such as shifting and spillage.

When you’ve spotted these issues, it’s best to call your roof plumber immediately and have your gutter replaced professionally. This way, you won’t have to worry about your gutters and downpipe being a few millimetres off. You’ll sleep peacefully knowing your roof system has no more boo-boos.

Sign #5: Visible Signs of Peeling Paint and Specks of Orange

When you walk around your home’s exterior and notice that your gutter is experiencing peeling paint, exposing orange specks, this means that corrosion has set in. Corrosion is essentially the biggest enemy of metal gutters, so if you’re starting to see these signs, your gutter needs a major replacement.

The Bottom Line: Get Your Gutters Replaced Professionally

Some homeowners love to do DIY repairs or replacements themselves, but with huge gutter issues, calling a professional roof plumber will solve all your roof problems with ease. Besides, when a professional handles these problems, you’ll sleep better knowing you have a sturdy roof above your head.

Why Work With Us?

Roof emergencies and problems can give any homeowner a massive headache. So, if you’re beginning to notice any of the gutter problems we mentioned above, it’s time to call for professional help.

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