Dealing with Roofing Contractors: 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

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Contrary to popular belief, your home’s roof system does more than protect your indoors from heavy rains or harsh sunlight. It also acts as an air barrier to provide proper air ventilation and insulation to regulate indoor temperatures. Any weaknesses in handling your roof system can lead to your home’s gradual deterioration, creating uncomfortable living conditions over time. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a costly bill for major repairs and renovations. This is why it’s necessary to ensure that the right professionals handle any modifications you’ll need for your roof.

How to avoid potential roofing system mishaps

Your home will need regular maintenance to prevent any inconveniences due to wear and tear. This is true to different aspects of your house, from its plumbing to its electrical grid. It’s beneficial for homeowners to be particular about choosing the contractors they hire. Doing so will ensure that any repairs or replacements are done by credible professionals that can provide quality output.

If you want to get the right professionals to oversee your roofing concerns, here are three hiring mistakes you should avoid.

1. Contacting a roofing company with an outdated website

All modern businesses need to maintain a solid online presence to interact with their customers. This is why having a professional website is an essential need for their operations. How a business handles its website can tell you a lot about a business’s practices.

For example, a basic website will show their inexperience in utilizing digital platforms for communicating with their customers. On the other hand, a well-established website with updated information makes them committed to developing an online presence. Additionally, a roofing contractor website that can provide more details on their credibility and industry experience gives you a detailed primer of their capacity as workers.

2. Hiring a company with negative or non-existent reviews

Browsing through customer reviews is crucial when purchasing any product or service, especially if it concerns a trade business. When a business refuses to reveal or highlight public testimonies from previous customers, there’s a chance they may be hiding their previous clients’ negative experiences. Check third-party websites to affirm if the roofing company you’re considering delivers a consistent and reliable output.

3. Negotiating with a roofing company that doesn’t have transparent quotes or liability insurance

Once you’re already at the bargaining stage of the agreement, you can still come face-to-face with red flags that should force you to reconsider your options. For example, a roofing company that refuses to give a written estimate can be a dangerous red flag. If you’re dealing with a true roofing company, they should have the industry experience to provide you with an estimate of their services. Their track record will dictate their familiarity in knowing how to address your needs.

Once you have their quote on-hand, the second most crucial information you need to ask is liability insurance. Some roofers prefer to use their position as a “local service” to avoid this requirement. However, it’s vital to have the assurance that you won’t be liable for accidental damages to your home or their staff during the construction timeline. Instead of simply taking their word for it, ask for proof through official documents before hiring them.


The risk of getting the wrong roofing contractor for your home can lead to disastrous future complications. It’s vital for any renovation or repairs to your home to have a reliable professional to work with. Otherwise, your home can experience gradual damage in the long term or prove unreliable to face harsh weather conditions.

Hiring a reliable roofing contractor is the simplest way to maintain the long-term value of your home’s roofing systems. At Austin Roofing, our experience working with a diverse clientele makes us capable of handling any roofing maintenance you’ll need. If you need roof repairs in Perth, contact our team today!