Here’s Why You Should Book Your Roof Repairs in Autumn

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Autumn is the best time of year to install a new roof. The weather is pleasant during this season, with none of the severe heat or cold from the summer or winter. When you do roof repairs in autumn, you prepare your house for the battering it could receive from ice and the freezing temperatures. If you’re thinking of getting roof repairs in autumn, here are things you should remember.

Book Roof Repair Solutions Ahead of Schedule

Allow several weeks of lead time for your roof contractor to send a crew to your place. So many homeowners are now aware that March to May is the best time to replace their roof. Since summer winds, rain, hurricanes, and other natural events could leave your roof damaged, you need to inspect it by the end of summer. Check it for issues after a storm as well—if you need a roof replacement, you will spend less if you don’t need to get it as a rush job.

Knowing your roof’s age also helps. Typically, asphalt shingles last for approximately 20 years, while laminate or wood shingles have up to 50 years. If your roof consists of clay or slate tiles, it has up to 80 and 100 years, respectively.

Time Your Roof Replacement to Fair Weather

As much as possible, time your roof replacement so it falls on a day with mild weather. It is best to install a roof on a clear day, with the thermometer at or above seven to ten degrees Celsius, especially if you have asphalt shingles. At this temperature, thermal sealing can occur, allowing the seal strips to melt and adhere correctly. Meanwhile, it’s not so hot that the process will be difficult for the roofer to complete.

You must seal your shingles adequately before winter. They must form a moisture-resistant barrier able to hold off the cold. If you have a properly sealed roof, you’ll also be less likely to experience shingle blow-off.

Shingles Get Brittle As the Weather Grows Cold

Another reason to have your installation in autumn is that shingles become more challenging to work with in colder air. Manufacturers recommend that homeowners install shingles on days where the weather is between four and 26 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops lower than that, it will make the shingles prone to breaking. While it is technically possible to still work with cold and brittle shingles, you would need to use hand nailing, making the process slower and more expensive.

Also, when the winter storms start, they could exacerbate small holes or leaks in your roof. Coupled with ice dams or heavy snowfall, you are looking at an overall dangerous situation for roof repairs.

Winter Roof Repairs Are Not Always Budget-Friendly

If you’re considering having roof repairs in autumn, you might also be thinking of doing them during the winter—fewer clients means lower rates and better work, right? Think again. Although June to August are slow months for roof replacement in Perth, do not assume you can hire a roofer for lower rates. Though some contractors offer discounts on winter jobs, many roofing teams are busy with other jobs or go on vacation during this time. The best option is still an autumn roofing project.


Get your family in a cosy holiday mood by preparing your home for the winter. Roof repairs keep your house warm and prevent leaks from winter storms. The best time for a roof replacement is autumn—it is close enough to the cold season for you to reap the benefits of the repairs. Schedule your project with your roofer today!

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